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The Pastor is the Head Custodian, Like It or Not

by Ronald R Johnson (

Quotable quotes from Lloyd C. Douglas

From The Minister’s Everyday Life (1924), p. 67:

[Y]ou may as well make up your mind to it that you are now, and are always going to be – no matter how conspicuously you may be located later – the actual custodian of church property; and if you think to win the approbation of your constituency by permitting their buildings and equipment to fall into decay, for the sake of paring down expenses, you are making a great mistake. True, you are not employed as the caretaker of the church property; but you had better take care of it, nevertheless. The congregation will forgive you an occasional slump in the pulpit but it will view with much regret and distaste an unmowed front lawn, an untidy back yard, an untrimmed hedge, a gate off its hinges, unraked leaves, broken fence-pickets, unshovelled snow and ice on the walks, and an old shirt protruding through a broken window of the attic, at the residence of the parson.

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