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About Lloyd C. Douglas

Lloyd C. Douglas (1877-1951) was a minister – first a Lutheran, very briefly a Presbyterian, and then a Congregationalist. Throughout his ministerial career he was sought after as a speaker, and he published articles in a number of periodicals, including the Christian Century and the Congregationalist. He was also the author of several non-fiction works, as well as a number of booklets. His first novel, Magnificent Obsession, became a bestseller a few years after its publication in 1929, and a string of novels followed in the 1930’s, all of them reaching the bestseller lists and most of them becoming major motion pictures. He is best known today for two of them: Magnificent Obsession and The Robe. His pastorates and book-length publications are listed below.



St. John’s Lutheran Church, Assistant Pastor (while still a seminary student; graduated from seminary in 1903)

1903 to 1905:

Zion Lutheran Church, North Manchester, IN, Pastor

1905 to 1909:

First English Lutheran Church, Lancaster, OH, Pastor

1909 to 1911:

Luther Place Memorial Church, Washington, DC, Senior Minister

1911 to 1915:

University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL, Religious Secretary of YMCA

1915 to 1921:

First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor, MI, Senior Minister

1921 to 1926:

First Congregational Church of Akron, OH, Senior Minister


First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, CA, Senior Minister


St. James United Church of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Senior Minister

Non-Fiction Books (Not Counting Booklets)

More Than a Prophet (1905) (This is more a biblical dramatization than true fiction.)

Wanted : A Congregation (1920)

The Minister’s Everyday Life (1924)

These Sayings of Mine (1926)

Those Disturbing Miracles (1927)


Magnificent Obsession (1929)

Forgive Us Our Trespasses (1932)

Green Light (1935)

White Banners (1936)

Disputed Passage (1939)

Invitation to Live (1940)

The Robe (1942)

The Big Fisherman (1948)

Other Popular Book-Length Works of Fiction (That Are Not Exactly Novels)

Precious Jeopardy (1933)

Home for Christmas (1937)

Dr. Hudson’s Secret Journal (1939)


Time to Remember (1951)

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