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I’m always looking for more information about Lloyd C. Douglas. Here are the things I am especially interested in:

  1. Fan mail/correspondence – Douglas received lots of fan mail after the publication of Magnificent Obsession in 1929. Although he talks about that correspondence in the opening pages of Doctor Hudson’s Secret Journal and in some of his letters to family and associates, that correspondence is not part of the collection at the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library. Bentley has only a small file of letters about The Robe from servicemen who read the novel during WWII. I have also found some brief quotations from some of this fan mail in the private papers of Jewell Stevens, at the SIU-Carbondale Library. If you have access to correspondence to or from Lloyd Douglas (preferably both sides of the conversation), or if it’s housed in a library that I don’t yet know about it, please click on the CONTACT link to tell me about it.
  2. Diaries or letters that mention Douglas, his books, or his lectures.
  3. Pictures of Douglas or of printed programs from events in which he was the speaker.
  4. Information on Bill MacKinnon, who lost both of his arms in an accident with a cornhusking machine in December of 1915. Lloyd Douglas wrote a series of articles about him in one of the Ann Arbor newspapers (the Times-News) and encouraged the community to take up a Christmas donation for “Big Bill.” I have been able to discover only one other news item about Bill MacKinnon after that, in which he took his employer to court. Court records for that period, however, were apparently lost in a fire. Please click on the CONTACT link to give me any information you have about the rest of Bill MacKinnon’s story.
  5. Anything related to Lloyd Douglas, even tangentially (for example, information on a friend or associate of Douglas).

I am unable to pay for information, but I would love to hear about anything you’re willing to share.

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