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Jesus’ Interest in Everyday Problems

by Ronald R Johnson (

From Lloyd C. Douglas, These Sayings of Mine (NY: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1926), pp. 55-56:

[A]ny man who desires friendship with Jesus should consider it a pleasant thought that the Master was so deeply concerned with the problems of men’s lifework. He knew where the fishing was best. He knew about the industrial problems of the vineyard. The little domestic cares of the homemaker were very real issues, in his regard. He had thought deeply about the problems of kings going to war, and ambitious men seeking to build tall towers with few brick. He could talk helpfully to shepherds; but that was not because he had the mind of a shepherd. He was not ill at ease in the presence of Nicodemus ben Gorion, probably the wisest old gentleman in Jerusalem. He who only yesterday was sitting on the edge of a fishing-boat, talking in terms of affectionate intimacy with a group of Galileans, this evening smiles at the mental chaos of the Holy City’s wisest seer and remarks: ‘Art thou a master in Israel, and knowest not these things?’ He was able to call the obscure Nathaniel by his name when he saw him sitting under the fig-tree. Jesus entered whole-heartedly into the problems of humanity.

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