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What is the Gospel Doing for You?

by Ronald R Johnson (

Quotable Quotes from Lloyd C. Douglas

From a sermon entitled, “Christianity – The Cult of Adventure,” preached at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles on Sunday, July 15, 1928, and reprinted in The Living Faith, pp. 62-76.

What is this gospel doing for you? Is it developing your personality, and empowering you with larger capacity for making and keeping friends? Does it help you do honest business more successfully? Does it make your home harmonious? Does it make you a better companion at the breakfast table? Does it make your automobile safer for pedestrians on the street? Does it open your purse to the call of poverty? Does it make you humble with your opinions?

Does it inspire you to see more beauty in art and nature and the hearts of common men and women? Does it make you passionately eager to put something into the world that will square, at least in part, for what you are taking out of it? Does it move you to a genuine interest in the welfare of other people, no matter how far apart they may be from you, in code and manners, belief and morals, aims and hopes?

Does it enable you to understand how all things do work together for good, in sunshine and shadow, in joy and pain, in calm serene and stress and storm, to them that love God?

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